Thechallenge Administering Antibiotics For Acne

I just read this report at I believe you should be aware about antibiotics particularly if you are not seeing improvement with acne.

In future, doctors will limit the prescription of broad spectrum antibiotics. This is supported by a survey done in U.K. where in 2000, the researchers found antibiotic-resistant strains of Propionibacterium acnes bacteria in 56% of acne sufferers. This means up to over half of all acne patients in the UK were not seeing results from antibiotic treatments as they used to be.

When you depend so much on antibiotics, the bacteria would get used to them and over time growing resistant. There are alarming concern among the doctors. They strongly feel that taking antibiotics for acne can lead to ineffective treatment of bacterial infections particularly MRSA.

This will put teenagers at an increased risk of MRSA just because they want clear skin.

The rising alarm over antibiotic resistance would revolutionize the dermatological acne treatment.

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