unnecessary snacking

How To Stop Unhealthy Snacking

excessive snackingSome think you should not snack at all. It all depends on how you define snacks. The good thing of having a light snack prior to your meal is that you are less likely to overindulge in foods at mealtime. However, this often gives a wrong hint that you can eat more. You think snacking will reduce your caloric consumption when you eat later but in actual fact, the amount of energy intake remains the same. This means it is better that you don't snack at all. Simply because you don't provide excess calories to your body. Don't forget that these snacks are considered to be high energy dense foods. The time has come for you to learn ways to tame the compulsive nibbling habit and begin focusing on eating right.

Your goal is to eat right. Always remember that whenever you buy any food from the grocery store. So, make it a point that there is no junk food in your cart . Grocery shopping should only be done after your dinner or lunch. If you do it on an empty stomach, there is a tendency to buy snacks. Don’t stock your pantry with snacks you know you can't resist like potato chips. Instead get healthy snacks. Doing so will stop your compulsive craving for snacks.

Each day, plan several small meals rather than the common 3 large meals a day. You are likely to put on weight when you eat big meals regularly. Food satisfaction can be achieved when you eat several times a day provided the portion is small. Your brain will not send any hunger signals which cause you to snack when you are feeling full.

Study shows that you tend to eat more when you snack in front of a television. Simply because you don't know how much you have eaten as you are not focusing on your foods. In the Mindless Eating which is authored by Brian Wansink, he said that folks who eat while watching tube eat 20 to 60 more than if their minds are only engaged with eating. If you want to stop spaced-out eating, you have to avoid distractions like TV and pay full attention to your meals. It helps to stop you from binging as your brain has only one task to deal with. Thus, when you have reached the satiety, you will just stop eating.

Sometimes, you don't have to eliminate your desire to snack. You just have to control the consumption. It is better to eat smaller portions. And you spread them out over a week. This way, you don't feel deprived while shrinking your waistline over time.

When your life is suddenly filled with stress, do you go to the kitchen and reach for a bag of chips? You have the great desire to consume high carb foods especially when the cortisol level rises in your system. This hormone is produced when your body is going through a lot of tension. The snacking will produce the good feeling but it is only temporary. After that, you will experience a low blood sugar level. Food is not a weapon to deal with stress. Each time you feel stressful, try doing yoga or calling up a friend and blow off steam rather than eating bags of Frittos. Whatever activity you choose to do, it is better than going into your kitchen.

It is not fun to discard your choice goodies. You should know by now that there is nothing good in them except for making you fat. It is significant that a healthy way of living is mandatory for anybody who would like to attain a successful journey in getting in shape. But it does not mean you can't have snacks anymore. Just pay attention to the amount you put into your mouth.

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