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Methods To Handle Cystic Acne On Your Chest

Once in awhile, you will see this unusual circumstance. Have you come across anyone who find it very difficult to remove his clothes during a game of water polo at the swimming pool? I have reasons to believe that he is feeling insecure about the cystic acne on his body.

As many of you've experienced, you probably have cystic acne on almost every part of your body, particularly your chest, back and shoulder. It is a severe breakout with inflammation and pain. You don't feel good about yourself and your daily activities are uncomfortable to perform.

It's important to not to touch the affected area and make sure you restrain yourself from popping your cystic acne. The treatment will take some time to work as the infection happens beyond the surface of the skin. Even hand-held spot treatment for pimples is not strong enough to cure cystic acne. If you prick it, some of tissues around it may be damaged.

It is important to keep an eye on your diet. Choose foods that can quell the inflammation. On the other hands, you should avoid inflammation trigger foods as they aggravate your cystic acne.

Another good choice is to limit sun exposure. In the past, doctors recommended sunlamp therapy for those with severe acne. Obviously, today we are better educated and we have stopping using it. However, some people still believe in tanning to get rid of acne. Your acne may fade after being tanned but the result is a temporary facade. Tanning actually will lose its effectiveness and your acne will appear again. Furthermore, it can increase the visibility of acne scars.

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