rabbit carry cage

Rabbit Carry Cage

Originally the notion of carrying your bunny on holiday with you may seem a bit of a silly idea, however if there's one thing house bunny men and women may do its 'unusual' so listed here is how with a bit of planning and the right animal friendly carry cage you can get pleasure from a holiday with your bunny.

Prepare your bunny's salads ahead of time. Label them, and store them in zip lock bags. This will enable your pet sitter to have more time to invest with your animals. Plus, you will be sure that your rabbit is getting the right level of food. If you will be away for longer than a week, leave money for veggies, or arrange for a friend or family member to go to the store. Don't neglect to offer a list of what to buy!

Rabbit Carry Cage

You will need to contact me first via the envelope icon, then I can email you back at which point you will have my personal current email address and can connect the image to your answer. If you are planning on entering a professional class prepare to be up against stiff competition. The breed standard for every sort of guinea-pig / cavy can be quite strict, and if you purchased your animal from a store it may not be up to show standard as such a thing other than a pet.

They're adorable, but keep in mind that for the long haired bunny you get, there will be a few others in the same litter who may not go to such good homes. I imagine that there is more than just a responsibility to the animal you get, you've to consider where it came from. If people irresponsibly breed long haired rabbits because they're adorable, then a great deal of those bunnies wind up tangled, matted messes suffering in pain.

This is unfortunate, because it appears to me personally that inexperienced bunny people appear to most frequently choose these kind of bunnies along with Lionheads to be their first rabbit. I tell people that for newbies, these are the hardest variety of rabbits to bond and interact with. Of course, I am speaking in generalities and there are always exceptions to this type of thinking.

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